Why choose to do
business with us?

For decades, the majority of entrepreneurs and takeover entrepreneurs have followed the same path. From the moment they come up with an idea for a project, they go to their bank or go knocking on doors of a limited number of institutions, often not well suited to their line of business or the stage of development of their business. How their loan request is presented, the existing programs criteria, their limited knowledge of the marketplace and their weak negotiation power all contribute to a frustrating experience, while lengthening the delays and reducing profitability.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Hustlebloom offers entrepreneurs a different experience. An expert prepares their file for the pre-qualification process – they don’t have to go knocking on doors. The senior consultant then pits relevant financial institutions against one another to get the best offer, allowing, in a shorter time frame, a more profitable project to come to fruition.

The accompaniment we propose includes a follow up of the indicators promoting the financial health of the company and its long-term growth. Once the transaction is completed, Hustlebloom continues to act as a capital partner, ensuring the needs associated with the request for a loan renewal are met, overseeing the fluctuations of the financial market and guiding its business strategy.

Our values, your asset

  • Commitment

    We devote our time and attention to our customers. Each one of our consultants takes a human approach in managing a portfolio, adopting a personalized approach. We think big – one entrepreneur at a time.

  • Independence

    We work in the best interest of the entrepreneurs. We are independent and work with total impartiality. We stimulate competition between lending institutions. May the best offer win!

  • Excellence

    Beyond the services we offer, our success rests on our knowledge of the banking market and its products. Former bankers ourselves, we make it our duty to have regular contact with the industry’s main actors.

  • Efficiency

    Hustlebloom is committed to submitting appropriately structured funding requests to the most relevant players on the market. In so doing, everyone saves time and money.

Hustlebloom :
A five-step support system

  • 01

    Identifying the needs

    Startup meeting; assessing key issues, priorities and possible constraints

  • 02

    Analyzing and preparing the file

    Gathering information; identifying the main guidelines and optimal financing conditions

  • 03

    Presenting the project to the relevant financial partners

    First round of selection and preliminary discussions with the financial partners

  • 04

    Comparing offers and negotiating conditions

    Discussions with the financial partners aiming to optimize the financing conditions most suitable to the company’s strategic needs

  • 05

    Reaching an agreeement

    Final round of negotiations to secure a firm financing offer approved by all credit departments

A business ecosystem with added value

Teaming up with Hustlebloom means having a privileged access to our network of service providers well known for both their expertise and the quality of their accompaniment. Whether conducting a market research, negotiating a commercial lease, creating a transactional site, developing an export strategy or protecting a trademark, we facilitate the contact with our reference partners. We make it easy, quick and with no obligation on your part.