Privacy Policy

Last Update : January 2019

This Privacy Policy aims to inform visitors and users (hereinafter “you”) of Hustlebloom’s website (hereinafter the “Website”) available at and operated by THE HUSTLEBLOOM GROUP INC. (hereinafter “we” or “Hustlebloom”) about the way personal information is handled by COMPANY.

Your use of the Website is also governed by our Terms of Use. We invite you to review them carefully.

The handling of personal information by organizations is governed by laws and regulations and we need to obtain your consent in order to collect, use and disclose your personal information. By browsing the Website, you agree to the collection, use, disclosure, storage and deletion of your personal information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Information We Collect

Information Collected from You

We collect information you voluntarily share with us either trough the Website interface (e.g. by filling a form) or otherwise (e.g. by email). Such information may include:

  • Your full name;
  • Email address;
  • Phone number;
  • Physical address;
  • Country, province or state of residence;
  • Information you share with us through the Website or by email;
  • Information transmitted by social networking sites or application (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.) in any case where you interact with profiles held or controlled by Hustlebloom on such social networking platforms. These sites or applications could be governed by other policies regarding personal information which may also be applicable.

Information Collected Automatically

Some information is collected automatically while you browse or use the Website. This information may include:

  • Your computer IP address;
  • Your browser settings and operating system;
  • Your mobile device settings if you are accessing the Website from a mobile device;
  • Location data and geographical coordinates;
  • Pages visited, items viewed and clickstream data;

Information Collected through Cookies

We use cookies to improve the performance of the Website and your experience. Cookies are small files saved on your hard drive by the Website’s server or third-party servers (for example ad servers) which allow your computer to be recognized and content to be personalized. Some cookies will be automatically erased when you shut down your browser whereas others are stored indefinitely. You may control how cookies are logged through your browser settings. Unless you voluntarily provided us with information about yourself, cookies are not associated with your identity. Automatically collected information could, however, be associated with your identity if you provide such information. You may disable the logging of some or all cookies on your computer, that could result in your inability

We store all collected information described above in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Some collected information may not fall under the definition of personal information and may not be subject to all obligations contained herein or set forth by applicable laws and regulations.

How We Use Collected Information

We use collected information to:

  • Contact you about our products and services;
  • Respond to your inquiries about our products and services;
  • Perform analyses about our customers;
  • Build databases from information on our actual and potential customers;
  • Personalise your experience of the Website, including by storing your preferences and selected or favorite items;

We use the information collected automatically, on an anonymous basis, in order to, inter alia:

  • Monitor Website traffic;
  • Improve Website performance, including by assessing which pages or features are most seen or used by visitors;
  • Perform analyses about traffic to the Website;

Storage of Personal Information

We keep collected personal information until concerned individuals request that it be deleted or until such time where it is not required by our activities. However, except as required by applicable laws and regulations, we do not commit to keep any information for a determined length of time.

Collected personal information is stored in electronic format in our servers located in Canada and is protected by commercially reasonable security measures considering the sensitivity of the information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Unless specifically stated in this Privacy Policy, we will not sell, lease or disclose your personal information without your prior consent.

Collected personal information may only be accessed by our personnel as required to use such information in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Collected information may also be accessed by our agents, suppliers or sub-contractors where such information is required to perform their duties. These persons or organisations will undertake to keep personal information confidential and to use same only to the extent necessary to accomplish their mandate toward us.

In the event of the sale or restructuration of the enterprise carried on by Hustlebloom is contemplated (a “Transaction”), we reserve the right to disclose collected information, including personal information, to persons and organisations involved both before and after the Transaction, whether or not it is actually carried out. Such persons or organisations shall commit to keep personal information confidential and to use same only to the extent required to assess the opportunity of the Transaction or in compliance with this Policy.

We may also disclose personal information to third-parties if compelled by competent authorities or if expressly permitted by law.

Access Rights

Subject to limitations provided by law, you may access and correct your personal information by sending a written request to the following address:

We will respond to your written request at the latest within 30 days of receipt and will give you reasonable access to your personal information within what is permitted by applicable law. Fees could apply in certain cases.

We may verify the identity of individual seeking to access personal information. Any information provided for identification purposes will not be recorded nor used for any other purpose.

Junk Mail

We abide by the laws and regulations governing unwanted electronic communications. If you no longer wish to receive electronic communications from Hustlebloom, or if you feel you have received an inappropriate or undesirable electronic communication, please let us know at the following address:

We will continue to have the right to contact you about your requests for information or in connection with the handling of your personal information.

Changes to this Policy

We may modify this Privacy Policy in order to reflect changes in our business and our handling of personal information. When a modification is made, we will take commercially reasonable steps to notify you of the modification by email if you have provided us with an email address. Otherwise, the new privacy policy will be posted on the Website for your review and should you continue to use the Website, you will be bound by the new Privacy Policy.

Governing Law

The handling of personal information is governed by laws and regulations which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This Privacy Policy and related operations are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec and the laws of Canada applicable therein and shall be interpreted accordingly.

Any claim, dispute or complaint with respect to the subject matter of this Policy and the handling of personal information by Hustlebloom shall be brought before the competent authority sitting in the judicial district of Montreal, hereby excluding any other forum.

Contact Information

For any additional information about our handling of personal information, please contact us at: